As foster parents, we are often provided the unique opportunity to care for children outside our own race or cultural heritage. This opportunity also brings huge responsibility as we must prepare ourselves to better understand the challenges and successes of people whose lives look different from our own. Hispanic Heritage Month offers a more intentional way for us to bring this education to the forefront to celebrate and to also learn ways to infuse Hispanic Culture into your family. 

Learning more about Hispanic Heritage will take some work on your part. Here are some tips for learning more: 

Be vulnerable.

  • keep in mind
    • you will likely feel uncomfortable, this is okay!
    • preface your questions with the your intentions
    • be prepared to listen well and ask clarifying questions
    • always be respectful
  • who you can ask to learn more about what is important to the child (or future kids) you are fostering
    • the kids
    • caseworkers who work for the agency of the demographic in which you would like to learn more about
    • parents of the children in your care         
    • community resources


Infuse hispanic culture any time you can. 


Food is one olf the easiest ways you can dive into hispanic culture. We are lucky to have many wonderful, locally owned restaurants and markets right here in West Michigan. 




Local favorites mentioned in the video:

Mi Favorita

Jhomary’s Paradise





Do you have any local Hispanic resources you would like to share? Comment below! 


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