Journey Home

Michigan Fosters is proud to announce Journey Home, fittingly located at the corner of 8th & Hope in Holland. This home will provide a welcoming and neutral space for families involved in the foster care system and will be a place of comfort for children as they journey home. 



Journey Home is a physical house in Ottawa County that will be a gathering place for those within the foster care system. Through this house, we will support families in their own journeys home by: 

  • giving children a more comfortable setting to wait as a placement is found. 
  • providing a more natural environment for families during parenting time, allowing them to engage in everyday activities like cooking dinner, baking, or walking to a local park.  
  • hosting families in care for special events such as birthdays and holiday gatherings.  
  • being neutral ground for Family Team Meetings between parents, foster parents, and agencies. 
  • hosting foster parent support groups and the Michigan Youth Opportunities Initiative.  
  • supporting foster care trainings and serving as a central location for resources.  




We have a lot of work to do to. Thankfully, we’ve had a wonderful response from those interested in volunteering their timeFolks are starting to understand why we need this place and are wondering why we haven’t had this all along.”