We work to bring healing to foster children and their parents, both of whom have experienced trauma. We also lend encouragement and a listening ear to the foster families who accept the challenge of this exceptional work. By being the center–point for our foster care community, we promote a team-initiative while championing our common goals.  



Fostering isn’t for the faint of heart.

That’s why Michigan Fosters works every day
to support and fill in the gaps to help foster families feel supported.




What are Mitten meals?

Mitten meals are freezer meals delivered to foster families when they receive a new foster care placement or to help stabilize a placement.

We count on generous donors and volunteers to help make this program a success. 




What is mibundle?

MiBundles are bundles of resources including household items, clothing, school supplies, and other essentials needed for the arrival of a new foster placement or to help sustain placements in crisis. Referrals are completed through our MiSupportStation and Michigan Fosters then helps to coordinate with local organizations to meet these needs. The MiBundle program was created to help set placements up for success. 

MiBundles are made possible by the Ottawa County Foster Collective.



What is cycle?

The Bike Cycle is our Bike Exchange program available to foster/kinship families in West Michigan. Our goal is to lessen the bike shuffle/storage hassle that comes with caring for different children throughout the year. 

Our volunteer, Bike Cycle Bruce, helps keep these donated bicycles in good repair, but new and used bikes are always needed.



What is Journey Home?

Journey Home is a physical house in Ottawa County which serves as a gathering place for those within the foster care system.